Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome To Administrator Alley!

Greetings to my fellow educators!
Thank you for visiting Administrator Alley, your comprehensive guide to all things relevant to school administrators in the United States and Canada. When I built the website in late 2009, I was not prepared for the level of response and interest I received from teachers across North America. I am receiving dozens of emails per day giving me input as to how to make the website better, and address issues facing rookie teachers that I hadn't even thought of when I founded the site.

Another thing that I was not prepared for was the interest of fellow administrators and college professors, who want to contribute to the site. I am excited to announce that the latest contributor to join the team is Dr. Douglas Brooks, Chair of the Department of Teacher Education at Miami University of Ohio. For those of you not familiar with Dr. Brooks' work, he burst onto the national stage in 1985 when he published his groundbreaking research on new teacher induction entitled "The First Day of School". His work was discovered and expanded upon by none other than Dr. Harry Wong in his legendary book "The First Days of School", a book that is the gold standard for new teacher training worldwide! As if that wasn't enough, Dr. Brooks also has put together a system for writing grants that is unbelievably successful, with approximately $10 Million of technology grants earned as of this writing! He will share the secrets of his program, called GrantSuccess, on my site as well. Keep checking back to, as Dr. Brooks has agreed to post a column every two weeks for the foreseeable future.

So what does all this have to do with Administrator Alley, you ask? Good question! I have received tons of emails from teachers who say that their administrator wants a site to help Principals as well! I am going to go with a "blog" format in the beginning to see if it works as well as my other non-blog website. Administrator Alley is going to be packed with tips, tricks, and strategies for new administrators to keep control of their building, and be the instructional leader that they aspire to be! I will keep my first few posts focused on discipline, but eventually branch out into the areas of curriculum and instruction, community relations, legal issues, standardized testing, extracurricular supervision, and other fun stuff! One thing I like about the blog format is that you have the opportunity to provide feedback immediately, and post it right next to the blog post that you are interested in. If you are shy about posting, and just want to provide me with feedback privately, my email inbox is always open for you at

Thank you for coming with me on this journey, where our destination is higher levels of learning for all students!

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