Friday, March 25, 2011

Teach the Common Core State Standards for Free!

Has your state adopted the "Common Core State Standards" yet? Thirty-eight states have already adopted the standards, and the other twelve won't be far behind. I have posted the CCSS on Facebook, along with strategies to teach each standard. Just go to my Facebook page to find all of the links:

You can also type "CCSS" in your Facebook search bar, along with the grade you want to see...for example "2nd"
A list of standards for 2nd Grade will appear, including Math standards, Reading standards, Language standards, and Writing standards.
If you "like" the page, updates will appear on your Facebook wall. If you hit the "info" tab, you will see a complete list of the standards for that subject and grade level.
Have I mentioned that all of this is free?
Check the standards out today!